Physician-guided weight loss program

What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

A medical weight loss program is supervised by a medical professional that specializes primarily in weight loss for individuals that have a hard time losing weight despite their efforts. The program also helps those having trouble controlling their cravings/eating habits and require medical assistance. Essentially, medical weight loss programs are for individuals that suffer from obesity (a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30) or overweight with other medical problems. Research shows that obesity can be successfully treated with a physician-guided weight loss program.

Lack of exercise and/or poor diet are often blamed as the reasons for obesity. The underlying causes are far more complex. Science has shown that genetic, biological, hormonal, and environmental factors contribute to weight gain and the difficulties achieving and sustaining weight loss. Obesity Medicine physicians are trained to properly evaluate you based on your medical history, physical examination, and lab results. In addition, the physician’s ability to prescribe medication (if deemed necessary) is a major benefit of a medical weight loss program. Prescribing or managing medications allows the physician to treat obesity and other underlying diseases.

The good news is obesity is treatable, and better health is attainable for those who seek it!

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Our Program

At Dimini Medical, we believe each patient’s health journey is unique to them.  We encourage new patients to commit to a minimum program of 6 months because sustainable change takes time. We incorporate the Obesity Medicine Association’s 4 pillars of obesity treatment: nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication. We believe in real food (minimally processed) for nutrition, regular physical activity, restful sleep (quality and quantity), stress management, and emotional well-being. Throughout the program, we will continually assess your progress and advise you on options tailored to your specific circumstances.

Initiate the program by contacting Dimini Medical by email, phone or by requesting an appointment through the link on this website. Our program is intended for adults aged 21 years and older.

A complimentary virtual consultation* (up to 15 mins) can be scheduled to introduce you to Dr. Leigh and assess your compatibility prior to committing to the program.
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Active Weight Loss

The first visit is an extensive intake consultation with Dr. Leigh who will obtain a thorough medical and weight history and perform a physical exam (including body composition analysis with the seca mBA 554). This visit is typically the longest and lasts about an hour. You will leave with a better understanding of the program and with information to make decisions regarding which nutrition plan and/or medication(s) may be right for you. If you have not had the relevant blood work in the prior 3 months, you will also be given an order for labs to be performed before the second visit. You will return in 10-14 days to choose and implement the plan appropriate for you. The second visit lasts 30-45 minutes and serves to provide you the education and tools to successfully start your program.

Thereafter, you will have monthly follow-up visits (may be more frequent, based on individual need/preference) to review progress and challenges, work with the doctor to find solutions for obstacles to your progress, and adjust your program accordingly until your weight loss goals are achieved.

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Most patients will transition to Maintenance in the 6-9 months range, requiring gradually less frequent appointments. Maintenance is feasible once you have achieved your improved health and target weight reduction. Transitioning to Maintenance will be a mutual decision between you and Dr. Leigh, once you are confident in maintaining the healthy habits and lifestyle implemented during the program.

As with any chronic disease, it is recommended that you continue regular follow-up visits. Typically, visits will be every three months, as long as your weight and weight-associated health remain stable. The frequency can be decreased to every six months and then annually, as desired (unless taking certain medications).

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*Note: The complimentary consultation does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

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